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Airport Solutions

Certified by the US Department of Homeland Security and other global Secure Flight programs, we offer technology solutions for airports around the world.


What We Offer

Our passenger handling solutions are flexible, powerful tools that will save you time and money engaging with your customers.

Making Airport Operations Simpler

  • icon TSA Gate Pass Vetting for Visitors
  • icon Robust & Easy to Use LDCS
  • icon Add Extra Terminal Capacity on Demand

We have really enjoyed working with the Aptaero team for the past several years. The teams have continuously partnered with us to drive innovation in our terminal security processes, ensuring the vetting process is customer friendly and secure at the same time. They continue to impress with their ability to think outside the box and assist JFKIAT with meeting the rigorous demands of aviation security.

Stacey Lora VP, Safety & Security. JFK Terminal 4

Local Departure Control System

Provides a feature rich, APIS compliant check-in system for charter operations and carriers without their own DCS while reducing facility congestion, decreasing the time it takes to check-in and process baggage, exchanging data between airline reservation systems, and minimizing system administration. Available to be deployed as a locally installed solution or turn-key as a software as a service (SaaS) model. Leverage all the benefits of our robust departure control system.


Portable Check-In Hardware

Allows you to unlock extra counter capacity when needed, deploy roaming check-in podiums anywhere in the airport and run existing CUTE platforms on mobile carts with vendor approved equipment. Fly Away Kits from Aptaero allow you to extend your airport footprint anywhere, from extra desks in the terminal to offsite at convention centers.