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Security & Compliance Solutions

Worry free compliance with government passenger data submission requirements that seamlessly integrates into the check-in process. Airline employees can incorporate advanced document screening to avoid fraud and forgeries.


What We Offer

Passenger operations are complex enough. We make compliance with ever-changing government regulations easy.

Compliance Made Easy

  • icon Compliance with over 50 countries pax APIS requirements.
  • icon Dynamic rules engine for worry free data collection.
  • icon Prevent passenger admissibility issues and repatriation fines.

"I am continually impressed with Aptaeros’ knowledge of regulatory requirements, particularly relating to international facilitation and passenger vetting. Atlas Air relies on and values their expertise."

Kimberly Robison Director, Passenger Operations Security

Our Other Industry-leading solutions


Whitelabel APIS Messaging Gateway

Leverage our existing connections to government agencies around the world enabling your applications to be compliant in submitting passenger and crew data. We provide an easy to integrate, single XML format to send data to, with us doing the heavy lifting of transforming and transporting messages to applicable government agencies.


Travel Document Authentication

Reduce your exposure to inadmissibility fines and forced repatriation of passengers. Quickly check passports, visa's and national ID cards for their authenticity. Aptaero's travel document authentication integrates with a global database of over 2,000 documents -- including National ID cards, Passports, Visas and driver’s licenses -- from 200+ countries. For passengers who "flush or dump" their documents, capturing and retaining images should an issue of inadmissibility arise at the destination.


TSA Employee Vetting (AEV)

Achieve compliance with TSA employee vetting requirements with the Automated Employee Vetting service from Aptaero. Our Employee Vetting solution ensures worry-free compliance with the new TSA Aviation Employee Vetting (AEV) requirement outlined for Airline Operators. Flexible options for uploading of employee lists either via API or spreadsheet imports allow deployment of a fully automated, hands off solution. Aptaero handles all of the necessary change and update messages direct to the DHS Router.