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Baggage Reconciliation, Check(ed)

Easy to implement, easier to use. Fast track IATA 753 compliance with BRS from Aptaero. Get real time visibility into the baggage journey, reducing misloads and lost bags along the way.

BRS Hero

Fast, Systematic Loading & Tracking

Traditionally reserved for mainline and legacy carriers, Aptaero’s bringing enhanced loading capabilities to carriers who rely on manual processes. Seamlessly integrated into the Aptaero Departure Control System, the BRS app enables real-time visibility into baggage loading and tracking. Fast track your airline to IATA Resolution 753 Compliance.

Fewer lost bags and eliminated bingo tags results in happier passengers and ramp agents alike. Aptaero’s BRS covers you from bag drop to bag room, loading to unloading. Track, trace and maintain visibility into the baggage journey from check-in to arrival.

Visibility from Every Side of the Operation

Real-time data exchange and seamlessly integrated into the Aptaero DCS platform. Handlers in the bag room are alerted on check-in status and can view real time progress on expected bags and remaining pax to check in. Ramp agents know exactly what holds bags are due to be loaded into or container positions. Gate agents can view loading progress and pull actual load reports for weight & balance purposes.

Process Overview

The Aptaero BRS enables you to track, trace and maintain visibility into the baggage journey from check-in to arrival.

Key System Benefits

  • Fewer Lost Bags, Eliminated Manual Processes
  • Clear Load/No-Load Instructions to Ramp Agents
  • Compliance with IATA Resolution 753
  • Flexibility for Bulk or Containerized Loading
  • Faster Bag Pulls & Positive Passenger Bag Match
  • Ramp/Bag Room Visibility into Check-in Progress
  • Gate Visibility into Loading Progress
  • Happy Passengers with Bag Loaded Notifications

Reduce Misloads & Lost Bags

Lost and misrouted bags cause headaches for both passengers and airlines. Ensure every bag is where it needs to be – on-time, every time.

  • Simplify bag room processes and catch misloads early
  • Audible and visual alerts on scanning bags to wrong flights
  • Central reporting & auditing capabilities
  • Quickly reconcile remaining bag counts & load reports

Positive Bag Match, Made Easy

Eliminate manual checking of bingo sheets. Optimize aircraft turns with effortless reconciliation for identifying and tracking offloads.

  • Comply with Positive Bag Match (PBM) regulations effortlessly
  • Identify loaded bags for offloading pax who don’t board
  • Quickly determine hold location and sequence to pull bags on device for ramp agents

Deployment and Global Connectivity

Turn-key deployment comes standard from Aptaero. Deployed on industry leading rugged android devices from Zebra as a managed device paired along with global connectivity allows you to scale airports with ease.

  • Exclusive partnership with AT&T leveraging their global Internet of Things (IoT) Data Platform
  • Fully managed devices including App and OS updates
  • Locked down devices allowing only BRS access, remote wipe and Geo-fencing

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You now know about the many features and benefits of integrating our Baggage Reconciliation System into your operation. To learn more about how it works and how we can quickly get your system up and running, contact us to schedule a free consultation.