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Not Just Software

We provide best of breed equipment designed to enable quick, robust check-in operations. Our hardware solutions are the result of decades of experience and used with different flight operations all over the world. We work with the industry leaders of specialized hardware including ATB/BTP printers, baggage scanners, boarding gate readers, and other hardware.


Hardware Resale

Order hardware from us to have a worry free, turn-key deployment with hardware pre-configured and supported. We work with industry leading manufacturers to offer the best equipment in our field.

  • Boarding Pass and Bag Tag Printers
  • Passport Scanners
  • Rugged Baggage Scanners
  • Boarding Gate Readers
  • Global Connectivity
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Fly Away Kits

Over 15 years of continuously improving and tweaking the design, our fly away kits were one of the first entrants in the market. Hundreds of our kits have been used, abused and deployed with aircraft at airports across the globe.

  • Our most popular model is our standard fly away kit that includes 2 printers (ATB & BTP) with storage for a laptop and passport reader in the lid
  • Setup in seconds and start checking in passengers
  • Use off-airport at hotels, cruise ships or private facilities to pre-process passengers before airport arrival
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Mobile Check in Carts

As pioneers of mobile check-in solutions, we create modularly designed podiums to provide a full check in position, passenger screening checkpoint or mobile gate.

  • Brandable, customizable mobile check in podium
  • Seamlessly integrated passport readers, boarding gate reader and printers
  • Modular trolley design allows bespoke customization
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QuickTag by Aptaero: Revolutionizing Airport Experiences Key Features:

  • Turnkey Self-Tagging Unit: Streamline baggage tagging with our all-in-one solution.
  • Modular Design Flexibility: Customize and adapt the unit to suit your airport's unique needs.
  • Programmable LED Indicator: Enhance passenger guidance and ease of use.
  • Seamless Integration with Airline Choice DCS: Ensure smooth operations and data synchronization.
  • API for 3rd Party DCS Integration: Expand compatibility and streamline airport workflows.
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Why we’re your preferred source for products

Experience matters. Our unique ability to integrate industry leading products into trusted solutions is unrivaled in the market.

Hardware Integrates Seamlessly With Platform.
We Only Sell Trusted Brands.
Easy Setup & Installation.
We include support with all hardware purchased from us.
Constant improvement and evaluation of new solutions in the market.

"Three of the key things that drew us to Aptaero were its impressive ease of use, wide equipment support, and security compliance. Those features, the expansive Aptaero API, and the team's flexibility in implementing customer suggestions plus responsive staff and support, have left us happy and satisfied customers."

Tony Maldonado Reservation System & Technology Manager