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Airport Vetting Solutions

Easy, Secure Access to the Sterile Concourse

Complying with Gate Pass procedures for allowing access to the sterile area for non traveling individuals can be a headache. Aptaero helps Airports and Terminal Operators to reduce the nuisance of issuing gate passes to contractors, shoppers, visitors and other individuals to permit access to the sterile area of the airport.

Able to deploy in CUTE environments, any windows or mac PC, or our iOS app, the Gate Pass module is an easy to use and manage solution for gate pass issuance. Aptaero also provides the only API service on the market to integrate Gate Pass vetting requests into your own applications or our prebuilt integration with Intellisoft.

Comply with TSA Gate Pass Vetting Requirements

Our gate pass solution allows airport & terminal operators to comply with the TSA issued National Amendment NA-18-01 that requires gate pass vetting via Secure Flight and no longer permits watchlist vetting with their Airport Security Program (ASP).

  • Gate Pass Vetting in compliance with NA-19-01
  • Vet against airport specific blacklists
  • Full audit trail for reporting
  • Define restrictions on number of pass issuances over specified time intervals

Reduce Back Office Workload Through Self Service

Eliminate the need for staffing security offices where contractors, non SIDA badged workers and airport visitors need to journey to in order to retrieve a gate pass. Leverage existing airport CUSS kiosks or deploy cost effective dedicated Gate Pass kiosks anywhere in the airport. Pre-enroll expected visitors ahead of time, allowing them to go directly to a kiosk, validate their credentials and vet against a Secure Flight in a quick process that ends in a gate pass printing for them to proceed to the checkpoint.

Add the ability to issue gate passes in a self service channel, reducing staffing costs and increasing visitor satisfaction.

Integration Capabilities

  • Quickly read and validate State ID / Drivers Licenses with the Thales CR5400 ID reader
  • Scan ID documents via the camera on your phone in our mobile app
  • Retain document images in accordance with retention policies
  • REST API for integrating gate pass vetting via Secure Flight into airport specific applications or 3rd party platforms

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