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Seamless Self Service

Our robust self service options give passengers the benefits of a seamless journey through the airport all while delivering key operational benefits to the airline. Reduce airport congestion, staffing requirements and deliver a modern check in experience to your passengers.


Superior Passenger Handling Across all Channels

Seamlessly integrated into the core Aptaero DCS, extending passenger handling channels to web check-in, kiosk and bag drop is effortless. Deliver the flexibility passengers expect, enabling them to check-in, select seats, pay for services and retrieve boarding passes without needing to interact with an agent.

Key System Benefits

  • Off the shelf, white label web and kiosk check-in platform
  • Responsive web check-in, deployed on airlines own domain, not redirected to 3rd party
  • Kiosk app certified on all major CUSS & SSBD platforms, can deploy on non CUSS devices as well
  • Enable seat selection, baggage & ancillary sales via self service channels
  • Apple Wallet & Google Pay Mobile Boarding Passes
  • Support for Digital Signature & Barcode Encryption Requirements
  • Send BP’s by email, SMS or save to phone/device

Self Service, Delivered

A major leisure carrier saw significant utilization of their self service channels within weeks of deploying web, kiosk & bag drop solutions from Aptaero. Passengers are able to check-in online, pay for services, upload passports for doc check and retrieve mobile boarding passes. When combined at airports that have Self Service Bag Drop solutions, pax can self tag their bags at the kiosk and proceed directly to the gate without needing intervention from an agent.

Limitless Possibilities

Sometimes a more bespoke solution is needed, we understand. Contract your own provider for front end development or interface Aptaero capabilities into existing platforms and apps.

  • Expansive RESTful API
  • Update in Real Time to Aptaero
  • Integrate into Existing Apps

Give Your Passengers More Control

The days of overly crowded airport terminals are long gone. As a leader in providing self-service options, Aptaero helps airlines save money and at the same time improve the passenger experience delivering technology that is expected by the modern passenger. Contact Aptaero today to discover how to best serve your passengers and improve your operation.