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QuickTag by Aptaero: Revolutionizing Airport Experiences

Aptaero leads the way in shaping seamless airport experiences, and with QuickTag, we’re empowering passengers to tag their luggage with ease. By simply scanning their boarding pass, passengers can initiate the baggage tagging process, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.

Our turnkey self-tagging unit boasts a modular design flexibility, allowing airports to customize and adapt the unit to their unique needs. From 5G connectivity to power – everything you need is seamlessly integrated into this comprehensive solution, providing passengers with a hassle-free experience.


Key Features:

  • Turnkey Self-Tagging Unit
  • Modular Design Flexibility
  • Programmable LED Indicator
  • Seamless Integration with Airline Choice DCS
  • API for 3rd Party DCS Integration

The programmable LED indicator enhances passenger guidance and ease of use, ensuring that the tagging process is intuitive and efficient. Furthermore, QuickTag is seamlessly integrated with Airline Choice DCS, ensuring smooth operations and data synchronization across all airport systems.

QuickTag offers an API for easy integration, expanding compatibility, and streamlining airport workflows for airports using third-party DCS solutions. With QuickTag, airports can enhance efficiency, improve passenger satisfaction, and elevate airport experience.

Experience the future of airport efficiency with QuickTag by Aptaero. Empower passengers, streamline operations, and elevate your airport experience with our innovative self-tagging solution. Contact us today to learn more about how QuickTag can transform your airport operations.